Brass Engraving

Brass Engraving

Brass Engraving
Brass Engraving

Are you looking for Engraving services?

We supply a number of Engraving services, for Brass Plaques and Laminate Brass Plaques. Our engraving services will ensure you get a high quality engraved plaque each time you use us.

If you are looking for Engraving Services, then why not contact us on or call 01472350565, where we will be happy to help.

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Brass Engraving on high quality Brass Plaques

Brass Engraving is a technique used for Engraved Plaques. We are experts at Brass Plaque Engraving and our Brass Plate Engraving Service will give you fantastic highly finished Brass Plaques. With a focus on fine detail for all Plaque Engraving, we are sure you will be happy with our Brass Engraving on our Brass Plaques.

We always take great pride when we produce an Engraving Plaque, and the quality of our Brass Plaques is paramount on any plaques we produce.

Our reputation for producing Brass Plaques is excellent, and we produce plaques for all sorts of people and businesses across the UK.

What is Brass Engraving?

Brass Engraving is the process of engraving text in a message form, or a vector image that can be engraved, or a combination of both into Brass Plaques. If done correctly by experts, Brass Engraving achieves outstanding results. The trick is to use quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, combined with the latest digital and engraving technology.

A skilled engraver will take time and effort to ensure the best quality engraving is achieved on the plaque. A keen eye and years of experience obviously goes along way when an engraver starts any Brass Engraving.

The machinery used in Brass Engraving has to be top quality in order to produce the outstanding results expected by people wanting the best quality Brass Plaques. So the machinery also has to be kept at optimum performance.

Also, a skilled engraver will have a creative eye for detail. This, combined with the latest digital computerised technology, ensures that the end result to any Brass Engraving is crisp, clear and on top quality Brass.

Who needs Brass Engraving?

Usually Brass Engraving is a service required by people who require a deep engraved brass plaque. This might be people looking for a memorial bench plaque or brass sign.

Or someone might require a Brass Engraving as a gift.

Our Products

Brass Plaques and Brass Signs

Our Brass Plaques and Signs are made to the highest standard on Lacquered Brass on quality 1.2mm or 1.5mm Brass Plate, bespoke to your requirements.

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Lacquered Brass Plaques

Our Lacquered Brass Plaques will last for years, and made from some of the best 1.2mm or 1.5mm Brass, bespoke to your requirements.

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Bench Memorial Plaques

Bench Memorial Plaques, designed to be used on most types of memorial. Made from Lacquered Brass, with a range of sizes being available.

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Ornate Bench Memorial Plaques

Our Ornate Bench Memorial Plaques have a range of sizes and you can choose a free image for your plaque.

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Laminate Memorial Plaques

We offer Laminate Memorial Plaques made from hard wearing exterior Laminate, with a range of sizes being available. You can also choose a free image with our Laminate Memorial Plaques, with Silver and Gold Laminate being available.

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Brass Effect Laminate Plaques

These Brass Effect Laminate Plaques are made from 1.5mm thick exterior laminate, with a reflective brushed brass finish, available in Silver and Gold.

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Jewellers Brass Plaques

These Jewellers brass plaques are made from Brass or Silver, with Gold, Silver and Brass Colours being available. They are ideal as a name plate gift or for an award.

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