Brass Memorial Plaques for a Garden Bench

Brass Memorial Plaques for a Garden Bench

Brass Garden Bench Memorial Plaques and UK Engraving Services.Order Personalised Brass Signs from our UK based Engraver Website Today.

Brass Plaques UK produces a range of Brass Memorial Plaques under our business name Venture Engravings. Our business has been producing plaques on a range of materials for many years. We offer a professional brass plaque engraving service from our business operation in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire.

If you are looking for a plaque engraving service, our Brass Plaques are produced on some of the best quality brass available in the UK. Our professional engraving is produced by experienced engravers with many years of engraving experience.

All of our Brass Memorial Plaques are deep engraved and filled with crisp black text. This is achieved using only the best quality engraving machinery and technology available, with creative knowledge.

Our customers are usually very happy with the Brass Plaques they receive, and we have evidence of this through the many happy messages we receive everyday. We also aim to ensure that our reputation for producing Brass Plaques of an excellent quality continues. That is why we are always looking to achieve progress and advancements in our engraving service as well.

Our Brass Plaques range includes Bench Memorial Plaques or Brass Memorial Plaques, Lacquered Brass Plaques, Brass Signs, Ornate Bench Memorial Plaques, Jewellers Brass Plaques. We also offer a range of Laminate Plaques which are either made in a Brass Effect or on some plaque engravings we offer Gold, Silver and a range of other colours.

We produce Brass Plaques on 1.2mm or 1.5mm thick Brass. This ensures your engraving has an optimum finish when we engrave into the brass.

And you can choose from a range of fonts, fixing options and corner finishes with all of our Brass Plaques and Laminate Plaques.

All of our Brass Plaques also have a range of sizes, so we hope that you will find a size that fits your plaque application. If you don’t see a size that suits what you require, always ask. We can produce Custom Plaques as well and we don’t have to stick to the sizes in our range. We will try and help you get what you want through our Custom Plaques service.

If you are looking to have your Brass Plaque Lacquered, our Lacquered Brass Plaques range is the best option. These Brass Plaques are long lasting, will never tarnish and take very little cleaning. A warm soapy cloth wiped over your plaque when it looks like it requires a clean will usually be enough to keep your Brass Plaque looking as good as new.

Our customers always mention how bright and crisp our Brass Plaques look on receipt. This gives us confidence that we are obviously producing quality plaques. A bright and crisp Brass Plaque will always look great on a wall, a bench or wherever you want to fix your plaques.

If you wish to contact us regarding our Brass Plaques UK range, we can be contacted on 01472 350565 or We will be more than happy to advise you on which type of Plaque.

Or you can order Brass Plaques UK or Brass Memorial Plaques through our sales website. This can be found by going to, where we look forward to receiving your order, and producing a great brass plaque for you.

What are Brass Memorial Plaques?

Brass Memorial Plaques are usually used as some sort of memorial for loved ones that have passed away, or they might be used as an armed services plaque, or some other type of memorial plaque where there is a requirement to fix a memorial to a mount.

Excellent quality Brass Memorial Plaques should be able to stand harsh weather, as it may well be used as an exterior memorial. They are usually easy to clean as well, providing the correct quality materials are used in production of Brass Memorial Plaques.

Deep engraved Brass Memorial Plaques will look crisp and fantastic for many years.

Well produced Brass Memorial Plaques are made by skilled engravers with many years experience as professional craftsmen. Combine this skill with digital technology and up to date engraving machinery, and the end result is usually fantastic.

Who needs Brass Memorial Plaques?

Brass Memorial Plaques are usually required by people that have a need to mount a memorial of some type to a mount. This might be a bench, a wall, exterior or interior.

Either way Brass Memorial Plaques will look great if you are looking for a way to leave a message for your loved ones that have passed away.

They can be used as other types of Brass Memorial Plaques, such as a plaque for the armed services.

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