Brass Name Plaque Engraving

Brass Name Plaque Engraving

Brass Name Plaque and Engraving for a Garden Bench Name Plate.Our Plaques are Deep Engraved and Made to Order when you Buy through our Website Today.

We offer a Brass Name Plaque Engraving service, with fine detail being applied across all of our Brass Plate Engraving range.

We focus on producing excellent quality Brass Plaques for customers across the UK. We also understand that your Engraving Plaque might be personalised and unique to your family and friends. If you purchase Lacquered Brass Plaques, you can be sure that your Plaque Engraving will last for many years, will not scratch and will not tarnish.

We have a fantastic reputation for producing quality Brass Plate Engraving and with a fast turnaround.

A Brass Name Plaque can be used as Brass Grave Plaques, ideal as Bespoke Engraved Plaque to remember your loved ones.

What is a Brass Name Plaque?

A Brass Name Plaque can come in a variety of sizes, and is as it name suggests, a name plaque. Brass Name Plaques can be in the form of a Jewellers Brass Plaque or a bigger Brass Plaque such as Lacquered Brass Plaques.

They make an excellent gift, and a surprise for someone if you are wanting to buy them something different for their special occasion.

Or if you are looking to remember a loved one with Bespoke Engraved Plaques, these Brass Grave Plaques are a great way to add your your Memorial or Bench Memorial.

A great looking Brass Name Plaque is deep engraved onto high quality material, which might be Brass, Brushed Metal, Brushed Gold or Black.

You could even make a Brass Name Plaque from Laminate using the same methods of deep engraving.

These types of Plaques are ideal perhaps for a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas Present, and they will last for many years on hard wearing material.

Why buy a Brass Name Plaque?

When you are looking to engrave a persons name or names into a plaque engraving, these Brass Name Plaques are ideal. They look great when a special font or one of our font selections is applied to them.

If you are buying a Brass Name Plaque as a Jewellers Brass Plaque, these are available with Square corners, Rounded corners, and Scalloped corners. They also come in a range of colours.

A Jewellers Brass Plaque as a Brass Name Plaque, can be applied to a surface with a self-adhesive backing.

Other types of Brass Name Plaque are available as larger Brass Plaques either on Brass or Laminate with deep engraving for an impressive and crisp effect. They could be used as a door sign, desk sign or applied to some other hard surface, such as a wall.

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