Brass Plaques Made to Order

Brass Plaques Made to Order

Brass Plaques Made To Order and Name Plates for a Wall or Bench.Order an Engraved Memorial Plaque or Sign from our UK Website Today.

We manufacture our Brass Plaques with free engraving. Buy Brass Plaques Online from us today.

Our Brass Plaques are made from some of the finest quality Brass Plate available in the UK. Our plaques made to order are manufactured through our professional engravers, with deep engraving being applied to the plaque.

We always ensure the quality of plaque you receive, will be impressive, and give you a long lasting plaque when you purchase through us.

If you are looking for a hard wearing Brass Plaques, then we suggest buying Lacquered Brass Plaques, as these will stand up to most weather conditions and last for many years. Lacquered brass plaques made to order, are easy to clean as well. They do not tarnish and can be wiped over simply by using a warm soapy cloth.

We have a reliable reputation for producing and supplying great quality plaques made to order for customers across the UK. And we aim to keep it that way, by ensuring you receive a quality service while ordering your plaques made to order.

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