Custom Plaques and Brass Memorial Signs

Custom Plaques and Brass Memorial Signs

Custom Plaques and Brass Bench Memorial Name Plates or Signs.Order Business Signs or a Personalised Engraved Plaque from our UK Website Today.

We offer a Custom Plaques service complete with deep engraving when you order an Engraving Plaque through us. Quality is important to us and we always ensure every Engraving Plaque we produce receives full attention to detail.

This means that your Engraving Plaque has a high quality finish that we are sure you will be happy with.

These Custom Plaques can be used for business premises, around the home or for more personalised items such as a Memorial Plaque or as Bench Memorial Plaques.

We have been producing Custom Plaques for many years, and have a reputation for making very high quality Engraving Plaque for customers across the UK. We aim to keep our reputation, which is why every Brass Plaque Engraving we produce has a very high finish.

We also offer a Lacquered Brass Plaques service. The Lacquer we use makes an Engraving Plaque very hard wearing, and it will not scratch and will not tarnish, making our Brass Plaques last many years.

So why not have a look at our Custom Plaques on our website to see what we offer?

Why buy a Custom Plaque?

Custom Plaques give you the opportunity to have bespoke Brass Plaques made to your requirements. Custom Brass Plaques can be designed as a specifically designed plaque, perhaps in a custom shape, size or with a custom font.

Custom Brass Plaques make fantastic Custom Brass Signs, ideal for use as Custom Outdoor Plaques or Custom Memorial Plaques.

They are made using Custom Engraved Brass Plates manufactured using the best quality Brass Plaques to produce Custom Engraved Plates.

Using quality materials means we can achieve a high quality finish to any Bespoke Custom Brass Plaque we produce. It also allows us to produce a high-end engraving on the plaque. This is deep engraved into the Brass, which produces a crisp and long lasting engraving.

Any of the Custom Brass Plaques we produce will last for many years and will keep it's appearance. If you purchase a Lacquered Brass Plaques version of your Custom Plaque, this will increase the longevity of the plaque. It will also not tarnish and will be very easy to clean.

What materials can be used for Custom Plaques?

Most materials we stock can be used for Custom Plaques. It really depends on the application for the plaque and where it will be mounted. However, the materials we use are generally high quality Brass or Laminate.

If you are looking for a hard wearing plaque we strongly suggest purchasing a Lacquered Brass Plaques for your Custom Brass Plaques. This type of plaque will be easy to clean and will stand up to harsh weather conditions, if mounted externally in the open.

Also Lacquered Brass Plaques will not scratch and will not tarnish over time. Making them an excellent choice if you are looking for long lasting Custom Brass Plaques.

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