Dog Tags - Pet Id Name Tags

Are you looking for Dog Tags or Pet ID Tags?

Dog Tags and Pet Id Tags deep engraved with your pets details and your contact information.

These Dog Tags and Pet Id Tags are made from some of the best quality materials and are hard wearing. A Dog Tag or Pet ID Tag is essential for your pet if you lose them, and so they can be re-united with you.

The law on dog ID is set out in the 1992 Control of Dogs Order. Non-compliance can result in a hefty fine for dog owners, of up to £2000. And while there are some exceptions, notably working dogs, these are very few.

Our Dog Tags and Pet ID Tags will fit securely and comfortably around your pets kneck, ensureing there is not any danger of it coming off.

They are lightweight and available in various sizes.

These Dog Tags and Pet ID Tags just need an occasional polish to ensure they stay looking bright and great around your pets kneck.

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